How to use a Suspension Trainer

What is a Suspension Trainer? 

There are many variations of equipment but here are the basic components:

  • The trainer attaches to an overhead anchor (or tie-down) at least 1 foot higher than your head.
  • Two long, adjustable straps hang from the anchor ending with handles and footholds.

Click Here to download installation instructions for the Dimok Suspension Trainer

How does it work?

Suspension training uses your own body weight as the resistant force, while allowing you to do more than just sit-ups and push-ups.  Almost all suspension exercises force you to build core strength while also allowing you to focus on particular muscle groups in the arms and legs.  By leaning away from the anchor point in various configurations, you can get a full body workout without weights.

There are six basic configurations for all suspension training exercises:

  • Using the handles
    • Facing the anchor point
    • Facing away from the anchor point
    • Facing sideways
  • Using the footholds
    • Lying face down
    • Lying face up
    • Lying on your side

The main advantages of suspension training

  • Highly portable
    • No matter where you go, the Dimok Suspension Trainer can come along, providing you with a lightweight, packable piece of equipment.  No matter how paltry the hotel gym equipment is, or how far off-grid you travel, you can always take a consistent and reliable personal gym in the bag with you.
  • Full-body workout
    • The variety of the exercises allow you to workout your entire body while simultaneously strengthening your core unlike any other piece of workout equipment.
  • Versatile
    • Whether you've just started exercising or are a full-beast-mode-at-5am kind of person, the Dimok Suspension Trainer is versatile enough for anyone to use and be challenged on.
  • Targeted Training
    • In addition to the core strength that inevitably comes with just about any exercise, you can also target specific muscle groups.
  • Flexible Focus
    • Attain any goal, whether it's weight loss, sports performance, increased flexibility, strength and balance, or injury rehabilitation.

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