Aqua Bag Instructions

If you're looking for some good exercises to do with your Dimok aqua bag, click here.

If you have any trouble setting up your aqua bag after reading the instructions below, feel free to contact us using the link above.


The valve on the aqua bag is spring loaded.  It pops up and down when you press it.  The valve should be DOWN when adding water, and it should be UP when adding air.

  1. Add water to the Aqua Bag

Press the valve spring until it is in the DOWN position to allow water to easily flow in.  Hold the valve under a faucet until the bag has the desired amount of water in it.

  1. Add air to the Aqua Bag

Remove the gray connector that is attached to the air pump.  Connect the gray connector into the valve on the aqua bag.  Be sure that the valve spring is in the UP position!  Push the connector down and turn it clockwise to seal the connection.  The blue tube should be connected to the blue port on the air pump.  (The red port pulls air in; you won’t need this.)