Aqua Bag Instructions

If you're looking for some good exercises to do with your dimok aqua bag, click here.

If you have any trouble setting up your aqua bag after reading the instructions below, feel free to contact us using the link above.

  1. Filling your Aqua Bag with air

Fill the bag with air before adding any water. 

Connect the air pump to the aqua bag by inserting the gray connector into the port on the aqua bag.  Turn the connector clockwise to seal the connection.  The blue tube should be connected to the blue port on the air pump.  (The red port pulls air in; you won’t need this.)

  1. Adding water to the Aqua Bag

Disconnect the blue tube from the air pump, leaving the gray connector attached to the aqua bag.  Turn on a faucet with a small stream that is no bigger than the blue tube.  The faucet should be higher than the top (port side) of the aqua bag. 

As the water fills the aqua bag, the air will be forced to come out.  Periodically, you will notice the water gets backed up in the blue tube.  Remove the tube from the faucet and raise it high, allowing the air to escape for a few moments.  Then continue adding water until the aqua bag reaches the desired weight.

  1. Top off with air

Repeat step 1 until the bag is completely full.  Unscrew the gray connector and remove it as quickly as possible.  The valve should close quickly before much of the air escapes.  Close the port cover and your aqua bag is ready for use.


The valve on the aqua bag is spring loaded.  It pops up and down when you press it, and you want it popped up when topping off the air.

  1. Time to pump some iron water!