Spiky Fascitis Massage Ball

  • $9.87

SPIKY FASCIITIS MASSAGE BALL – The extra strong spikes will not bend, so they penetrate deep into your muscles to provide myofascial and fasciitis release.  Use on the bottoms of your feet, legs, back and shoulders for an intense massage that can be used as part of your warmup or cooldown routines, or even during a workout.
PORTABLE - It is fun and easy to use! Great for keeping at work in a desk drawer.  Dimok Massage Balls Set of Trigger Ball and AccuPoint Ball is a professional design made for fitness clubs, home or gym. With Dimok massage balls you are getting super quality and best service.
INSTANT RELIEF - Designed specifically to massage and stretch muscle and soft tissue along with relieving tight muscle spots
AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY - Great for massaging lats, quads, lower back, upper back and other large muscle group as well as feet and arms. Perfect for core muscles stabilization, balance training and coordination sports.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Dimok balls are made with solid hard rubber that will last you a life time. But if you are not happy with the purchase, you are welcome to return it for a full refund.

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